I am a Haarlem based photographer. I've been making portraits of museum owners, tram drivers, famous people, and a lot of models. On a daily basis I am engaged with creating stories - wether it's on Instagram, with still lifes in my interior, in my outfits, collages... But mostly I shoot photo series.

Although it's clearly not only fashion I am into, I love to add this 'editorial vibe' to my pictures. Yes, éven when it's about real estate.

A few personal things about me:

/ I am really curious. The best thing you can do when assigning me to a job, is taking me to a place that is normally hidden from the public eye.

/ I still use a paper agenda (moleskine, of course). 

/ I collect grocery lists from the local Albert Heijn.

/ I have been making collages my whole life. Just a few months ago, I decided to share and sell them online. A classmate from primary school sent me a message: "Are you STILL doing this?"

Photo in my interior by Dana van Leeuwen 


I run a cosy webshop with interior items together with my mother in law.


Something I love doing in my free time, is making collages. Most of them I make with books and magazines, and sometimes I use my own photography work.

I am selling these in my store.


Apart from photography publications, some personal articles have been published here and there. Those are mostly about my love and interest for fashion and interior.

You can find me for example in this VT wonen article about our homeStudio Henk blogAtelier Melon Q&A, tv fragment BinnensteBuiten and Interior Junkie.

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